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Cassandra - Stylist
Cassandra joins Bliss with 8 years of experience. A graduate of Cozmo Institute of Beauty in Naples, Florida, Cassandra has always had a passion for hair and makeup. Reflecting on her childhood, she recalls her mother constantly brushing through her extremely curly hair, leaving it a wild, frizzy mess. This ignited her passion to learn more about hair and how to embrace its style and texture! Cassandra's career started early as she began raiding her mother's makeup vanity and experimenting with her Aunt's hair manikin. In high school, she progressed to doing hair and makeup for a small theatre company. Now, she has trained with some of the most influential colorists, stylists, and makeup artists in the business! She has assisted in numerous fashion shows and theatre performances. Cassandra is certified in dimensional and custom coloring, balayage and ombré. She also excels at and is certified in precision-cutting and brow-shaping. Cassandra takes pride in on-going education including; the attendance of Aveda classes, as well as, art and fashion seminars. She finds her career extremely rewarding and feels privileged for having the opportunity to help individuals discover their true beauty in a stress-free, Aveda environment, without intimidations.
Favorite AVEDA Product: One of my favorites would have to be the Air control hair spray. Anyone can use it. It gives a great flexible hold without making the hair feel heavy or sticky. The great aroma is one that you can never get tired of.
Favortite Service: Customized color and brow shaping.
People who know me would say: I am an adventurous person, with a great sense of humor, who is easy to talk to.
My interests: I enjoy music, painting, traveling, and quality time with friends and family.

Danielle - Licensed Massage Therapist
After spending multiple years in the medical field, Danielle decided to finally pursue her dream of a career in Massage Therapy. With careful consideration, trying many schools with different techniques and styles, she chose to attend The Academy of Massage Therapy & Bodywork. Danielle graduated with a love for physical healing through touch. "The body has the ability to heal itself; we just need to facilitate the process". She believes that everyone needs massage - it is not a luxury, it is a necessity.
Favorite AVEDA Product: Stress-Fix Concentrate - It transports me to a peaceful, calm place. Perfect after a long day!
People who know me would say: : I am outgoing and have an infectious positive attitude. I am a genuine, kind and caring friend & I love to help people out. I am energetic and brave, willing to jump into a new adventure.
My interests: I am a wife of an amazing supportive husband and a mother of 3 fun & energetic kiddos. Life is always on the move - but I MOST enjoy spending time with my family and getting away with my best friend, my husband. I love to travel - Disney is my destination of choice and I am always looking for a chance to get back. Church and my faith are very important to me & I believe we are all called to invest in the lives of others. I love to sing and miss singing with my sisters.

Diane - Stylist
Diane joins Bliss with 17 years of experience. She is a graduate of Owen J Roberts High School and earned her cosmetology license from Empire Beauty School. Prior to joining the team at Bliss, Diane managed a corporate salon for 11 years. She has attended training in Las Vegas, New York and the AVEDA institute, to name a few.
Favorite AVEDA Product: I love the Volumizing Tonic!!! It's weightless and provides excellent volume at the root.
Favortite Service: I really enjoy creating a new look for my clients with color, hi-lights or a new cut. It's so rewarding having a client leave loving their new look and being able to recreate it at home.
People who know me would say: I have a genuine, fun loving and outgoing personality filled with sweet & sassy humor.
My interests: I am a wife and mother of 2 boys. I enjoy flower gardening, golf, traveling, hiking, dancing and sports; specifically, baseball. I am a huge Phillies enthusiast.

Lindsey - Stylist
Lindsey joins Bliss with 10 years Aveda experience. A graduate of the Jean Madeline Aveda Institute in Philadelphia, she has been working with Aveda since the beginning of her career. Lindsey's passion for naturally derived ingredients inspired her to commit to the Aveda line. She has been trained in cutting by Frederic Fakkai, celebrity hair stylist, in New York. Lindsey has taken Barbering classes in Philadelphia and is seasoned at Men's cutting and styling. With her flare for style, she enjoys doing updos and make-up for weddings and proms. Lindsey is very ambitious and frequently takes classes in color and cutting, to learn new techniques and keep up with current trends.
Favorite AVEDA Product: I love the Be Curly line. A curly haired girl myself, I love wearing it natural, especially in the summer! Be Curly style prep is my favorite product and a must have for curly hair.
People who know me would say: Lindsey is fun and enjoys life. She is easy going and is always up for a new adventure.
My interests: I enjoy going to the beach and watching sunsets!!! I love going on different vacations and sailing. I also enjoy hanging with my family, my boyfriend and my dog, Ziggy!!

Sara - Stylist
Sara joined Bliss with 6 years of experience. She is a graduate of the AVEDA Institute of Chapel Hill NC. She has only worked in AVEDA salons where she has had extensive training in Hair styling, precision cutting, AVEDA color/high lighting techniques and formulating. Sara, a curly hair girl herself, specializes in the cutting and styling of natural curly hair. Her own personal experience has enabled her to excel in achieving her guests desired look with education of products and styling techniques. She has a great interest in Updos and is certified in Balayage.
Throughout her career with Aveda salons, she has been featured in two local fashion magazines in Raleigh, NC and has participated in Bridal and fashion shows in Chicago, IL.
Favorite AVEDA Product: THE SMOOTH INFUSION COMPLETE SYSTEM!! Confixor, a liquid styling gel. And donít forget the AIR CONTROL HAIR SPRAY!! With Aveda, there is no end to great styling combinations!!
Favortite Service: Hair Cutting, Color and most of all the Hair styling. I like to finish what I started and to be able to educate my guests on how to achieve the desired look at home!
People who know me would say: Sara Loves to Laugh and enjoy Life to the fullest!!
My interests: My family, Friends and to travel and explore new places!!